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The 8 Best Hunting Chairs of 2024

by dirkidirkkk
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When done properly hunting is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to enjoy a weekend.

When not done properly hunting can be long, boring and physically painful.

One thing that is essential to making sure the hunting trip is comfortable, fun and relaxing is to invest in a good hunting chair.

We have compiled a list of the 8 best hunting chairs of 2024 and what to keep in mind when you’re looking to buy a new chair.

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The 8 Best Hunting Chairs of 2024

1. ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth – Swivel Hunter Ground Blind Chair (Great for Big Guys)

alps-outdoor-comfortable-hunting-chairAs hunting chairs go this one has to be up at the top in terms of comfort. An easy to adjust seat height, a backrest that is as comfortable as they come and with chairs that are individually altered it really is all about keeping the user happy. And you will be very happy if you use this little chair while you’re hunting. You will find it easy to use and even easier to sit on.

As each leg is individually adjustable and has a large swivel foot at the end, the chair is great for use on rugged terrain or soft surfaces where sinking is an issue. As well as swivel feet the seat itself swivels and although this isn’t the quietest movement in the world, it works well enough for use on rare occasions. With a handy strap to make it easier to carry, the only thing letting this chair down slightly is the weight. Having said that, you are getting a comfy chair for an excellent price and for the comfort levels you will experience, it is worth a little extra weight to carry.


  • Exceedingly comfortable
  • Supports up to 300lbs
  • Very practical
  • Adjustable legs and swivel feet
  • Seat itself swivels
  • Strap for easy carrying
  • Wide feet to avoid sinking
  • Height adjuster


  • Slightly heavy


It is clear that this chair is very popular and it is very simple as to why. It is nifty and easy to use while providing amazing levels of comfort for a hunting chair. With so many variables to alter it is easy to set up to suit you perfectly and while it might be a little bulky and on the heavy side to carry, you will be able to sit in this chair for hours on end without any worries. Check current price on Amazon

2. Browning Camping Strutter Chair – The most comfortable


Click on picture to see more photos and the current price on Amazon

Blind hunting means you can be left sitting round for hours a day so a chair that is comfortable is absolutely essential. This chair covers that and then some. It is possibly one of the most comfortable hunting chairs on the market and the price is exceptionally reasonable. While the chair is comfortable it is also practical.

A folding chair is always a safe bet for hunters as it is so easy to carry around. While this one folds down to a great size that is easy to carry, the weight of the chair is a little on the heavy side. So if you are looking at long journey it may no the the best fit for you. Having said that, the extra weight goes to show just how sturdy the chair is. (makes it perfect for turkey hunting) When you buy this chair you know it will last you a lot of hunting trips. While the chair sits very low to the ground it is very comfortable even for taller people.


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Excellent Price
  • Very sturdy (Great for turkey hunt)
  • Folding chair making it easy to carry


  • Heavy


All in all, this is a great quality chair for an excellent price. Incredibly comfortable even for taller people, it is a chair that is perfect for settling into under a cover and waiting for your moment. If this chair was a little lighter then it would be absolutely perfect.

3. ALPS OutdoorZ Tri-Leg Stool Realtree Xtra – Adjustable and lightweight


If you’re looking for something lightweight that can be packed up in a moment and easily transported then look no further. The ALPS Outdoorz Tri-Leg stool is incredibly lightweight and comes with a handy carry sack. It takes only a moment to pack up and move around. This Tri-Leg folds down into a very compact case. Obviously this makes it perfect for occasions where you will be out for a few days or longer at a time. A weekend of duck hunting for example needs things to be easy to pack up at a moment’s notice.

So this stool is perfect for sliding into your backpack next to the rest of your gear. It’s so light and compact that you won’t even notice a difference. While it is immensely lightweight it may be a little uncomfortable to sit on. Therefore it isn’t suitable for prolonged periods of usage. Due to the nature of the legs, it often stick in at a strange angle and this can have a massive impact on the overall enjoyment of using this nifty little stool. It might be light and slightly on the uncomfortable side of things but this stool still manages to be sturdy and strong.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact when packed away
  • Easy to use
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Great for duck hunt


  • A little too low to the ground
  • Not comfortable
  • Not suitable for prolonged usage


If you’re going for a weekend away that will be camping and hunting then this stool is perfect. Compact and easy to move around, it is perfect for those hunts that involve a lot of movement. Having said that, if you’re planning on spending a lot of time seated then this stool can become a bit uncomfortable. On top of that, it is just a little too low to the ground for extended usage. Using this stool depends on your situation alone. Check current price on Amazon

4. Millennium Treestands G100 – Ground Blind Chair


This is far from the cheapest chair on the list but the high price tag comes with a very good reason. As a ground blind chair for hunting this chair is definitely one of the best on the market. It is extremely comfortable and when you are setting up to spend a good 5 or 6 hours sitting a comfortable chair is invaluable.

Although the chair is incredibly well built and sturdy it doesn’t come with the excessive weight that many well built blind chairs are associated with. And this definetely makes it well worth the money it costs. The Millenium Treestand G100 is well built, sturdy, comfortable and most importantly stays silent even when you swivel. All of these things combined make it one of the most well rounded hunting chairs on the market and it really does do the job magnificently. The one thing that this chair is missing, however, is a stand for guns or bows. For the price you might hope that this was included however it is unfortunately an additional item that needs to be bought separately.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Well built and sturdy – a chair to last a lifetime
  • Lightweight meaning it is easy to transport
  • Swivel seat
  • Absolutely silent even when swivelling


  • Expensive
  • No gun rest


If you have the money then there is no other chair to buy. This chair ticks all the boxes and then some. Furthermore it manages to make hunting an even more pleasurable experience. With comfort and reliability two of the things this chair does best, there are so many positives that this chair has to offer. If you take your hunting seriously then you will want a chair that comes with all the bells and whistles and this is easily the chair for you. Check current price on Amazon

5. Ameristep High Back Chair – Realtree Xtra Green


Having a back on a chair is always a good thing, especially if you’re going to be sat there for 3 or 4 hours. While the high back of this chair is excellent the rest of the seat is a little too narrow for it to be perfectly comfortable. It comes in narrow but this makes it very easy to both store and carry, two things that are invaluable to hunters worldwide.

Although it is relatively small and lightweight that doesn’t affect the sturdiness of this chair. It can withstand quite a significant weight without showing any signs of pressure. A very stable chair it is easy to place in all kinds of terrain with the knowledge that it will stay in place. There is a handy storage pouch under the seat so you can easily store your gear. The one downfall of this chair that cannot be avoided is how noisy it is. If you move or try to turn on this chair then it squeaks quite loudly which is far from ideal for hunting.


  • High back for added support
  • Incredibly stable and sturdy
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Very small so fits into backpacks easily
  • Gear storage


  • Narrow seat means it isn’t comfortable for long hours
  • Squeaks when you try to turn which isn’t good for hunting


This chair is lightweight, sturdy and easy to carry as well as having easy access to gear storage. While these are all great benefits the chair itself is a little too uncomfortable and squeaks a little too often to be perfect. You won’t find a better chair with a back for this price though!

6. Benchmaster Sniper seat –  360 Shooting Chair – Full Rotation


Sniper seats are a very niche part of hunting chairs so finding a good one is absolutely essential. The Benchmaster 369 Shooting Chair is one of the best. Coming in at a very reasonable price this chair offers great comfort and support. It even incorporates a gun or bow rest to make it that little bit easier to use.

As the gun rest is easy to adjust as are the seating proportions it make this chair invaluable to all sniping hunters. Especially the ones who will find themselves sitting for large portions of the day. The legs are also easy to adjust. That means that it can be used on rough terrain very easily. The seat itself swivels which means it is extremely useful for hunting. However the swivel can sometimes be a little noisy. The chair itself is extremely sturdy however this makes it rather heavy and not great for going out on hunts that will involve a lot of walking.


  • Swivel function is excellent bonus
  • Reasonable price for the style of chair
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Gun rest makes long hunts a little easier
  • Adjustable legs


  • Heavy
  • Swivel is noisy so not perfect for stealth hunts


For the money you spend on this chair you definitely get a lot. A swivel hunting chair that has a great place to rest your gun for extra steady aim. There’s little more you could ask for from this chair. Although it is heavy and sometimes a little on the loud side, it is still an excellent chair that is both sturdy and will last a long time. Comfortable and very user friendly, this Benchmaster sniper seat offers an awful lot for the price. Check current price on Amazon

7. Redneck Blinds Portable Hunting Chair


Hunting chairs come in all shapes and sizes. The Redneck Blinds Portable Hunting Chair is a nifty little chair. It is beautifully crafted and a pleasure to use.

The padded seat means that this chair is incredibly comfortable and offers back support that many other stools do not offer. With three legs that are individually adjustable it is easy to see why this portable hunting chair is as popular as it is. Comfort is a big thing when you are hunting, as is the ability to stay quiet and this chair is as silent as they come. This way stealth hunting is much easier than with swivel chairs that are often a lot louder. Having said that, this chair is missing the swivel feature.

While the back is fairly narrow so you can easily move around on your own, this is a feature that many hunters look for in a chair. The biggest downfall is the fact that it is very heavy and while it states that it is portable, this simply isn’t the case. The weight of this chair means that it is perfect if you are leaving it in place for days on end. However if you are planning on trekking while you hunt this is not the chair for you.


  • Padded seat and back
  • Very comfortable all round chair
  • Legs can be individually adjusted
  • Absolutely silent to move and move around on


  • Extremely heavy
  • No swivel feature


This chair is incredibly popular with hunters and it is easy to see why. If you are planning on setting up a hunting tent or a ground blind this chair is genuinely perfect. However due to it’s heavy nature it isn’t great for hunters that are on the move a lot. Amazingly comfortable and great on rough terrain, this chair would benefit from a couple of updates to make it perfect.

8. Browning Camping Dove Shooter Hunting Chair


For dove hunting this chair cannot be beaten. Unlike other forms of hunting, dove hunting doesn’t require sitting for hours on end and so doesn’t require a seat that is extra padded. This chair allows you to sit up and stay alert throughout the hunt which is invaluable for dove hunting. When dove hunting a momentary lapse in concentration could result in missing the shoot completely.

The best thing about this chair is the fact that has so many compartments where you can easily hide away everything you need for your hunt. Although the chair is relatively light it would still be a little awkward to carry for long distances. Add this hunting stool to the list of chairs that are best made for hunts that require minimal movement. The chair itself does come with a handy strap that means it is easier to carry and while it folds down flat, the shape and weight make it a little bit too bulky to continually carry. The cooler under the chair is fully insulated and the handy pockets are invaluable for storing different shells and decoys.


  • Insulated cooler
  • Lots of pockets with easy access
  • Helps you stay alert for dove hunts
  • Very cheap


  • Not very comfortable for prolonged usage
  • Not easy to carry


This chair is perfect for short hunts where there isn’t excessive movements. Although the chair is relatively light it is still a little bulky to move and while it folds flat for great storage this makes it far from comfortable to carry long distances. While this chair might not be great for carrying it does have a lot of great pockets that make the actual hunt much easier. With a handy insulated cooler under the seat and plenty of pockets for ammo and shells, this chair is excellent in its own way. Check current price on Amazon


How to Find the Best Hunting Chairs

Finding a good hunting chair often takes a lot of trial and error but if you’re willing to put the time and money in then you’ll be able to find something perfect for you. Our hunting chair guide covers a wide range of types of chair and these chairs all do different things well, it is a case of individual preference which one works for you.


Indivual Preference

Although individual preference has a big impact on the style of chair that works best, the other thing will greatly affect what to look for in a hunting chair is the type of hunting you do. Dove hunting, blind shooting and trekking all require very different things from a chair to make it a successful and comfortable experience. This is why it is important to shop around before you make a final decision and, if possible, go in store to try the chair before buying it.


Before purchase

The best thing to do when looking for a hunting chair is to head into a shop and try a few out, this way you can get a much better feel for how comfortable the chair is for you as an individual. Once you have chosen something you like, however, it is much better to head home and shop online to see what you can find. Whether you end up with the exact same chair or just one that has similarities with the aspects that you liked from the original, having tested it in store first will help you understand what you need to look out for.


The biggest piece of advice we can offer is to look at reviews on Amazon or other online retailers before you buy a chair. Reading reviews will give you an excellent ideas of what a chair does well and where it’s pitfalls lie. Our guide for the best 8 hunting chairs is an excellent place to start and will help you decide what style of chair you’re looking for to suit your needs.


What to Look For When Buying

Hunting seats will allow you somewhere to relax when you are out all day while making sure you are comfortable and not doing any pain to yourself.

Buying a hunting chair is one of the most important decisions a hunter can make. This chair is the thing that will be used most throughout the hunt and will provide you with stability when shooting, comfort when sitting and storage when on a hunt. Whether you’re looking for something with all the mod cons or you’re just hoping to find something cheap and cheerful, there are a few things to consider before you make up your mind on which chair is for you.


Back and Arms?

The first thing to consider is whether you need a back and arms or not. While these are essential for certain types of hunting they often get in the way during different styles of hunts. For example when you are on your feet moving a lot then these are extras that add up to valuable weight. While a back adds support this is more necessary for stealth style hunting or blind hunting and so you need to make your decision based on your own preference.


Swivel or no swivel?

Another factor that is important to consider is whether you need the chair to swivel or not. A swivel chair can be excellent for blind shooting but this often comes with a price. This price comes in the form of not only a higher price tag, but also more weight and often a much noisier and less stable chair. Unless you are paying top cash for a chair, this is something that needs to have the pros and cons weighed up beforehand.


Your budget

Speaking of money, it is important to consider your budget before you start looking as you don’t want to find the perfect chair only to find it’s completely out of your price range. If you have a lower budget then you are better off searching for a chair that doesn’t have any fancy extras. This way you are more likely to find one that doesn’t do much but what it does do it does well. Sometimes the manufacturers say a chair will be able to one thing particularly well. However it will detract from other parts of the chair. If you are a regular hunter then the more money you can spare the better quality you will be able to buy.


Don’t waste your money

The biggest thing that we can say is that finding a chair that is comfortable and at the right height for you is absolutely essential to making sure you enjoy the hunting experience. Whether you spend $20 or $200, without feeling at ease this will just be an absolute waste of money. There is very little that is more enjoyable than a hunt that is done in comfort and style so this is where a lot of your focus should lie.



The last thing to consider is the terrain that you often go hunting on. Some chairs offer very little in terms of leg support and so need to be on very flat ground. Some chairs come with adjustable legs and wide feet. These are excellent for use on rougher terrains. If you often find yourself on ground that is very uneven or do a lot of hunting in hilly areas then individually adjustable legs can make all the difference. After all, a level and sturdy base is among the most important factors.



Hunting chairs come in all shapes and sizes but finding the perfect one for you can make a massive difference to your hunting success as well as how much you enjoy the entire experience. It is important to make sure that you have a good one under your belt because if you don’t, you run the risk of pain from being uncomfortable when sitting and strains from carrying a chair that isn’t suitable for you.


A comfortable chair makes it much easier to stay still on long hunts and this. Yet another benefit that shouldn’t be underestimated in terms of what hunting chairs can offer. Having said that, for those who are more on the move during their hunts a light and reliable chair will carry many more benefits than one that is padded to the max.


Swivel hunting chairs are the popular choice

Swivel seats are becoming increasingly more popular.  They allow you a full 360 view of the area.  You are less likely to disturb an animal while also having more viewing. Arms and a back give extra stability and something to lean on which gives you a stable base for your shot. Some chairs even come with a gun stand. Hence you can very easily rest your bow or gun on it. (to help with aim).


Our recommendation

Every chair in our list has its merits. Having said this we can find very few faults with the Millennium Treestands Chair and this has to be our favourite hunting chair at the moment of this writing. This chair goes to prove just how much spending a little extra can do for you in terms of the comfort levels and durability. When you buy a hunting chair you want it to last for life. This is what you will get with the Millennium Treestands G100 Blind Chair however if you are looking for something more portable then there are a lot of other options out there.


Although having arm rests and a gun rest, pockets and a cooler, a swivel chair with multiple settings is all well and good, comfort is the core of hunting chairs.

In 2024 the Millennium Treestands G100 Blind Chair remains at the top with an incredible level of comfort that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere but the best thing you can do is to keep searching until you’ve found the chair for you. You’ll know when you’ve found the right one because you will be even more excited than normal to head out for a hunt and even if you don’t shoot anything, you’ll come home with a smile on your face.


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