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Best 21 Beach Games for Adults – Summer 2024

by dirkidirkkk
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Do you ever get bored simply lounging on the beach? Why not play a game and make the most of your free time? You are probably wondering: where do I even begin to look for game ideas?

Well, there are loads of fun and creative beach games for adults, couples, and kids to choose from. As well as being active and entertained, this will also give you a more even tan than lying on your towel on the sand will. It’s a win-win. 



Top 10 Beach Games for Adults [Summer 2024]


Say goodbye to beach boredom! You are never too old for some beach fun. Get creative and competitive! These 10 best beach games for adults will keep things entertaining all summer long.


1. Spikeball



This game consists of 4 players (2 versus 2). A circular net (the size of a hula-hoop) is placed on the ground, between the teams. To begin, a player serves the ball by bouncing it off the trampoline-like net and up at their opponents. The opponents are allowed a maximum of 3 hits between them, in order to control the ball and bounce it back off the net. You gain a point when your opponents miss the net. This beach game for adults requires team building, quick thinking, and cat-like reflexes. 


2. Tug of War



The beach is a great place for a tug of war match. Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about with this game? It has been played for thousands of years and was even part of the Olympic games from 1900-1920. It requires two teams to battle, in order to test strength. One team pulls on one side of a rope, and one team pulls on the other end until a team manages to pull the rope a certain distance (usually over a line marked in between them before the game begins), against the pull of the opposing team. There is often a red ribbon tied to the middle of the rope so it is clear when one team pulls the middle over to their side and the team wins. If you want your play to be extra serious and competitive check out further rules.


3. Volleyball



This is one of the most popular beach games for adults. It requires 6 players in each team: 3 at the front (nearest the net) and 3 at the back. Each team is allowed a maximum of 3 touches before hitting the ball over the net, and a single player cannot hit the ball twice in a row. Players are not allowed to throw, catch or hold the ball. You can hit the ball with your palm, or make a fist with your nondominant hand and place your dominant hand over it so your thumbs are side by side and ‘bump’ the ball. A team scores a point when the opposing team fails to return the ball over the net, or the ball is out of bounds. 

Volleyball can have many rules. Deciding on what ones to use depends on how serious you want your play to be. See here for a list of the official rules.


4. Griz



This game combines volleyball with frisbee, and was invented by the University of Oregon in 2000.  A frisbee is used instead of a ball, and one cannot have the frisbee in their hand and have their feet on the ground at the same time. You need a volleyball net and a basic understanding of the rules of volleyball (see above post).


5. Flick n Sticks


To play this game, you need 4 sticks, 4 cups, 4 people and 1 frisbee. Teams of 2 set up 2 sticks each, with 2 cups balancing on top of them. The distance between the teams can be decided. Each team takes turns at throwing the frisbee at the opposing sticks, with the aim of knocking a cup off. If the team manages to do it, they gain a point. But here is the kicker: your opponents can try to catch the cup before it hits the ground, to prevent the point. Additionally, if a player successfully throws the frisbee through the opponent’s stick (or pole) setup without knocking any cups over, they gain 2 points.


6. Beach Beer Pong



Although this game can be played by 2 individuals, it is generally played with a big group and is an ideal beach party game for adults. Split your group into 2 teams. 20 cups are needed and 2 ping pong balls (each team get a ball and 10 cups). Then, you must set out your cups in the shape of a triangle.

Before the game begins, the teams must agree on how much beer is to be filled into the cups, and the distance between the teams. Each team takes a turn at tossing their ball with the aim of landing it into one of the opposing cups. If a player manages to do so, one member of the opposing team must remove the cup and drink the contents. The play continues until one team has no cups remaining, and loses the game.


7. Beach Bocce Ball


This is a traditional game of boules, turned into the perfect evening summertime game. It can be played with individual players, or played in teams of 2. It involves approximately 8 large balls (in 4 colours) with LED lights, and one small ball often known as the ‘jack’, and normally white in colour. Each team is assigned a ball colour, and the objective is to roll the large balls as close to the jack as possible. The round ends when all balls have been tossed.

The team (or individual) who lands their ball closest to the jack wins the round, and scores a point for each ball of theirs that is closer than the balls of their opponents. The winner of the previous round begins the new round. The game continues until a team reaches 13 points. The distance between the players and the jack can be decided before the game begins.


8. Beach Limbo



How low can you go? The objective of this game is to pass under a limbo stick (or something you can use as a limbo stick) without touching it in any way. Ideally, 6 players are needed for this game (3 on each team). If you touch the stick or fall, you are disqualified. As the game goes on, the stick is placed lower to the ground to increase difficulty.


9. Beach Ball Hot Potato



Tired of running around? You are in luck. Suggest this game to your friends, which requires everyone to sit on the sand in a circle. All that is needed is a beachball and music.

The larger the group, the better. Once the music starts, simply pass the ball to the person on your right. The ball continues to go round anticlockwise until the music stops. The player holding the ball when the music stops is out of the game. The winner is the player that remains until the end when everyone else is out.


10. Beach Musical Blankets



This game is very similar to musical chairs, although beach towels are used. Beach towels are laid in a line flat on the sand. Enough towels per person are needed, except one. Start the music. Players then dance around the row of towels until the music stops. When the music stops, everyone must try to find a towel to sit on. The person unable to reach a towel is out of the game. Each time someone is eliminated a towel is removed. The player who reaches the end of the game wins. Turn the music up and enjoy this great beach party game.


Top 4 Beach Games for Couples


Do you ever rule out playing a game with your partner at the beach because you think you do not have enough players?

Well, believe it or not, there are beach games to be enjoyed that can be played with only 2 players. Your beach time is about to get a whole lot more fun.


1. TidalBall



This game requires a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 players.  Before the game begins, each team digs a hole (measuring approximately 4 inches in diameter) and a trench (approximately 4 inches behind the hole and in the shape of a half oval) approximately 30 feet away from their opponents. The size of the trench can be decided between the players, as long as they are both the same on either side.

Each team has 3 balls, which are a different colour from their opponents. To begin, the first team either throw or roll a TidalBall in order to aim at the hole and trench of their opponents. The players take turns until all TidalBalls have been tossed.

3 points are gained if a TidalBall enters and remains in the opposing hole, and 1 point if a TitalBall enters and remains in the opposing trench. After both teams have taken turns, new rounds begin until a team has gained 21 points. There is no penalty for reaching over 21. Additionally, this game uses cancel-out scoring. For example, if team A miss with 2 balls but manage to get the last one in the hole, and then team B miss with 1 ball but gain 2 in the trench, team A gains 1 point.

For further information on this game and reviews visit the official website here.


2. Frescobol



This game is unique, as rather than having an opponent you have a partner. Instead of trying to score points for yourself, the objective is to support each other. All that is needed is a ball and a pair of racquets or bats (most often they resemble ping pong paddles). The players have to hit the ball back and forth for as long as they can without the ball touching the ground. This is a simple and popular beach paddle game, also known as Beach Tennis and Smash Ball, along with other names. As you improve, you can hit the ball harder and/or extend the distance between you and your partner. This is a fun game and great beach activity that requires a lot of team effort.


3. Bulzibucket (beach bucket game)



Either 2 individual players playing against each other or two teams of two are needed for this game. The game involves 2 buckets and 8 small bags in the shape of balls. Each bucket has 3 levels and the bags are in 2 colours (4 of each). Each team is given a bucket and assigned a bag colour. Note that one bag in each team has a black dot, which gains double points. The space in between the buckets can be decided and all players must stand behind their bucket. Furthermore, if the opposing team miss the bucket, you are allowed to attempt to kick their bag into your bucket to gain yourself points.

No hands are allowed and the bag must have gone past the bucket in order for this to be permitted. 3 points are awarded if a bag goes into the top level of a bucket, 2 if in the middle and 1 if in the bottom level. Deductive scoring is used. For example, if team A gain 6 points in a round and team B gain 4, team A receive 2 points. Play continues until one team reach 21 points.


4. Beach Cornhole


This is a very popular and fun beach game. It can be played by 2 or 4 players. The game requires a set of cornhole boards and 8 cornhole bags. Find a flat area of the beach to set up your boards directly across from each other, at an agreed distance. Each team is given 4 bags (which are a different colour from their opponents). Each team takes turns at tossing a bag with the aim of it entering the hole in the opposing board. Your feet must not go past the front edge of your board. Once all bags have been tossed, the team who gained the most points starts the new round. Play continues until a team reaches 21 points.


Top 7 Beach Games for Kids


Want to know how to keep the kids entertained and active at the beach? 

There are lots of play ideas to keep your children busy as you relax. 

(Related: Check out our review on the best baby floor seats).


1. Beach Bowling



This simple beach game is ideal for children. Dig a small, medium and a large hole in the sand. The distance between the holes can be decided. The distance between the players and the holes can also be decided and can be extended to increase the difficulty of the game. Heavier balls like tennis balls should be used, as they are more wind resistant. Simply take turns at rolling the ball along the sand, aiming for one of the holes. 1 point is gained if the ball goes into the large hole, 2 if in the medium, and 3 if in the small.


2. Beach Dodgeball



This is an interesting game as it involves both chasing and avoiding the ball. It is most fun with a large number of players. It begins with a beach ball being thrown into the air. Players attempt to grab the ball. The person who manages to grab the ball is allowed 5 seconds and 3 steps to hit another player. If someone is hit, they must sit down. Other players must now attempt to grab the ball. It gets better: if the ball is ever within reaching distance of someone who is seated, they can attempt to grab the ball and hit another player. If they manage to hit another player, they are back in the game. The play continues until there is one person left standing. This is great family fun. 


3. Water Relay



This is a fun and competitive game for children and the whole family. It requires an even number of players (a minimum of 4). The players pair up and decide their role. Each pair must have one small cup, and one large. One player in each team must sit on the sand next to their opponents, holding a large cup on top of their heads. The other team players have to run to the sea with a small cup, fill it up with water, run back to their teammates and empty it into the large empty cup. This continues until one team manages to fill their large cup to the top. The distance between the players and the sea can be decided and extended to increase difficulty and game time.


4. Beach Survivor



This game requires a large number. There should be groups of 3-5 people. Before you begin, the players must create a list of challenges to be completed e.g. tug of war, who is first to fail to balance on one leg, a race etc. Depending on the number of players, a whole team can be eliminated when one fails, or (if you are a small group) a single player is eliminated. The last team or single player remaining in the game wins.


5. Beach Darts



There are handy outdoor dart sets to purchase and take to the beach for immediate play. However, if you want to create your own dartboard, simply draw one in the sand.  Before the game begins, your dartboard needs to be drawn and a distance between it and the players must be decided. Additionally, you will need to collect pebbles or small beach rocks (roughly the same size) to use in place of darts.


6. Beach Noughts and Crosses


This game (also known as tic tac toe) requires only 2 players. Before the game begins you may collect a small handful of pebbles or small rocks that differ in colour or shape from your opponent’s (just as long as your pebbles are recognisable). Simply draw a 9-squared grid in the sand and use your pebbles to play.

Or, instead of collecting pebbles you could simply use your hand or a stick to mark the sand. One player uses a cross as their mark, and the other uses a circle. Take turns at marking a square with the aim to create a row of 3 squares with your mark. The opposing player must try their best to prevent this from happening. Once a player gains 3 in a row (diagonally counts) they win the game. This is a short game but can be prolonged by playing rounds. For example, the first player to win 5 games, or the first to win 3 games in a row.


7. Squirt Ball Race


For this game, all players need a water gun and a beach ball for each team. A starting and finish line must be marked in the sand, and the distance between them be decided. All beach balls must be lined up at the starting point. Players must squirt their water gun at their beach ball in order to move it towards the finish line. The beach ball cannot be touched at any point. When a water gun becomes empty, the player must run to the sea to refill. The first individual or team who are first to move their beach ball over the finish line win. 


What are you waiting for? Head to the beach!

If you would like to sit out of the play and relax, take a look at these comfortable aluminum beach chairs.

If you enjoyed this post and found it useful for your trips to the beach, please share it with your friends. 


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