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Best Heated Office Chairs in 2023 – Stay warm at the office

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You do not know true comfort in the workplace until you have experienced a heated office chair. Sitting for long hours can cause your body to strain and make you feel stiff.

A heated office chair is not only good for keeping you warm during the colder months, but it also provides you with all the benefits of heat for your body. Heat soothes the body’s muscles, eases pain, helps with stress and aids in relaxation.


Top 3 Heated Office Chairs in 2022

Bestseller No. 1
Snailax Vibration Back Massager with Heat, Seat Massager with 8 Vibrating Motors & 5 Modes, Chair Massager, Massage Cushion, Massage Chair Pad for Chair,Office, Gifts
  • Instant Pain Relief and Relaxing Comfort: Snailax vibrating heated back massage pad provides instant relief from pain and offers a deeply relaxing and comfortable experience. Say goodbye to discomfort and relax your body in 15 mins.
  • Upgrad 8 Vibration Motors for Deep Muscle Relaxation: Equipped with 8 upgrade vibration motors, massage chair pad reaches deep into your muscle tissue, releasing tension and tightness. Experience a thorough and effective massage that targets problem areas (Neck/Shoulder/Back/Thigh)for ultimate relaxation.
  • Built-in Heating Function for Soothing Massage Experience: Enjoy the soothing warmth of seat massager with heat. The gentle heat helps to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle stress, and enhance the overall massage experience. Feel the tension melt away as you indulge in a comforting massage session.
  • Portable and Convenient for Home, Office Use: Designed with portability in mind, massage cushion is lightweight and easy to carry. Whether you're at home, in the office, you can enjoy the benefits of a vibration massage. It conveniently fits into your daily routine, allowing you to relieve pain and relax no matter where you are.
  • Customizable Massage Modes and Intensity Settings: Tailor your massage experience to suit your preferences and needs. With various massage modes and adjustable intensity settings, heated pad with back massage allows you to customize the massage style and intensity. Choose from gentle soothing massages to deep, invigorating muscle relaxation.
Bestseller No. 2
CARSHION Massage Seat Cushion with Heat Back Massager Heated Seat Cover with 5 Vibrating Massage Nodes & 2 Heat Levels Massage Chair Pad for Pain Relief Home Office Use
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT: The heated massage seat cushion has 5 vibration motors provides ultimate comfort seat for long trip and long Sedentary with h&c adapter.(Note: This is Vibrating massage, Not Shiatsu Massage with Rolling Balls)
  • SOOTHING HEAT: The seat warmer with auto shut off target full back and seat to radiating gentle warmth. Also equipped with Overheating protection system dual-insurance for safety use.
  • PERFECT GIFTS: Our Back Masaager Heated Seat Cover is a perfect fathers/mothers day gift for Dad, Mum, friends, wife or husband and any your loved ones. Suitable for a variety of occasions, can be used at home or in the office & etcs.
  • CUSTOMIZE SETTING:The seat massage cushion features 4 vibration modes target 4 areas(Upper back, Lower back, Hips and Thighs)2 Intensity level and individual Heat on/off button.
  • SOFT FABRIC: This massage chair pad is made of 100% ultra cozy plush, incomparably soft polyester also with Non-Slip rubber bottom & adjustable strap goes around back chair seat to keep cushion stable and secure.

1. Mecor Office Massage Chair

This executive ergonomic chair has received many positive reviews and happy customers. It will be your new best friend at the office. It is popular for its great 6-point massage function: from back support to increased leg circulation, your body will appreciate the care this chair provides.


  • Heating Function – The heating function covers the seat and upper and lower back area.
  • Massage Function  This chair offers 6 vibrative massage points to target your seat cushion and upper and lower back. This function is powered through a power cord.
  • Quality Material  It is made from UP/UVC leather which is eco-friendly, durable and soft. This smooth material contributes to the extreme comfort of the padded armrests.
  • Remote Operated – The chair comes with a remote control to easily adjust the massage and heating settings.
  • Dimensions – This chair measures 26″W x 31″D x 43.3-47.2″H.
  • Additional Features – It provides ease of movement as it includes a button to adjust the back position and a 360-degree swivel with the 5 durable casters. It also has multi-directional wheels and an adjustable height setting.
  • Weight Capacity – 300 lbs

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2. Heated Vibrating Chair

Get relaxed at the office in this vibrating chair to ease your muscles. It has everything: heat, massage and vibration functions that can easily be operated by a remote control. Experience a new level of comfort with a chair that fits all your needs. Moreover, it is not bulky and has a classic look.


  • Heating Function – The heating setting can be turned on and set on a timer (maximum 20 minutes).
  • Massage Mode – This chair is programmed with 3 massage modes which adjust the intensity level. It targets 4 areas of the body: neck, upper back, lower back, and tighs. The areas can be targeted individually or all together: you decide.
  • Adjustments– The backrest and seat height can both be adjusted to suit.
  • Additional Features – The chair includes rolling wheels for ease of movement and the massage and heat functions are operated by a  remote control. There is a pouch at the side of the chair for the remote to be kept for ease of use. Additionally, 2 AAA batteries are needed (not included).
  • Material – It is made of faux leather. It has a classic look and the material allows for ease of cleaning.
  • Dimensions – This chair measures 26.5″(L) x 24″(W) x 43(H)
  • Chair Weight – 38.7 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity – 285 lbs.

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3. Gentherm Executive Chair (Heated and Cooled)

This chair’s main feature is its ability to not only be heated but set to warm and cold temperatures to suit your needs and environment. Its high-quality thermal technology provides you with personalised temperature control for at home or at the office.


  • Heating and Cooling Function – The heating and cooling system covers the back and seating cushion. It uses a 3D diffuser system located at the back of the chair and has an automatic shut-off sensor for safety and energy saving purposes. Additionally, a light will show to tell you that the heat/cool settings are active.
  • Wireless Operator – This chair includes a rechargeable, high capacity Li-Ion battery. This type of battery is rechargeable and can withstand for up to 8 hours of continuous usage.
  • Quality Material – Bonded leather and molded cushion foam.
  • Adjustments – There are leavers at the side of the seat to allow for ease of height and tilt adjustments.
  • Design – The impressive technology within this chair is combined with a stylish design. It is available in classic black.
  • Weight Capacity 400 lbs

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(Bonus): Seat Cushion


Snailax Seat Cushion (Multipurpose)

Do you ever get into your car in the winter months and it is uncomfortably cold but you have no choice but to wait until the engine heats up and the heating begins to work? Or, during the summer months, do you ever enter your car to be hit with extreme heat? This seat cushion can solve both problems: it has 3 cooling levels and 2 heating levels. Enjoy it in your car or take it to the office. Snailax-cooling-seat-cushion-heating-pad


  • Adjustable Cooling Air Cushion – This cooling seat cushion has 4 intake car fans which distribute cool air throughout the cushion to cool body heat and absorb excess moisture. It will successfully prevent your thighs from sticking to the seat and will allow you to feel fresher while driving in hot weather.
  • Adjustable Heating in Dual-Zone – The heated seat cushion is equipped with 2 heating pads: one at the seat and one at the back. It also has two heating levels. A heated seat during cold days will provide great soothing heat therapy. It is also equipped with overheat protection and remains at a stable temperature.
  • Universal Fit – The size it made to suit standard vehicle seats and similar chairs.
  • Ventilated 3D Mesh and 20 Air Vent Holes – This seat cushion is made from 3D spacer fabric which is known for its great support and ventilation function which prevents your body retaining heat from the seat, keeping you cool. The 20 air vent holes circulate cool air around the body, replacing the hot air.
  • Non-Slip Bottom and Straps – This air-conditioned seat cover is designed with a non-slip rubber bottom and adjustable dual straps in order to secure it to the seat and keep it in place, whether its a car seat or an office chair.
  • Additional Features – Included is a car adapter and home adapter. Return within 30 days for a full money back guarantee.
  • Item weight – 4.25 lbs.

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FAQ: What to keep in mind before buying

Let’s dig a little deeper and answer some of the more common questions about heated chairs and pads

What power is necessary?

The usual power supply via cable or battery when powering chair or a cushion will be 230V. Make sure the cord is long enough to connect to a power source near the chair or armchair.

Heated cusion while driving?

If you use a heated seat pad while driving, please make sure to that you have the adapter that will be connected to the the cigarette lighter. When making the selection, also keep in mind if you want to install a heated cushion for more than one person. (There may be 2 or even 4 connections to be made)

When purchasing a seat pad that is powered with battery, we would recommend you to invest a little more and look for a model with a lithium-ion battery. Such batteries have high performance and keep warm for several hours. 

Power supply for heated office chairs

For a heated office chair or armchair, you can rely on a heated seat support with 230V power supply, which is connected to the normal power supply.

Best way to use

By the way, for hunting, fishing, a church or stadium visit heatable seat cushions are best. The cushions can be heated for several hours and are powered by a battery. 

In addition to the heating function, some seat cushions  offer even more advanced functions such as different heating levels or even a massage function.


Wether you go for a heated office chair or seat cushion, the health benefits are great. Additionally you will sit with never-before experienced comfort!

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