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Dangers of portable car seats

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Having a child changes everything. This is especially true for mothers. Not only does every aspect of their lives undergo a dramatic makeover, but their body transforms and requires diligent care.

There are myriads of articles that focus on different aspect of life after childbirth. How to eat, how to sleep, how to perform basic tasks that were a part of daily routine before giving birth.

However, there is one topic that remains less covered: Portable car seats.

This contraption was designed to make the life of parents much easier. Transporting a baby from one place to another can be a challenge. Even if the travel is as short as going from home to the nearest grocery shop and back. If you have any experience as a parent, or even now one, you will understand why it can be trouble.



How did portable car seats become so popular?

Babies require constant attention. They are just learning how to live and function properly. This is a strenuous process for every parent. The sleepless nights and the lack of energy is something known to every mom and dad.

So, when the child falls asleep, they do everything in their power not to wake them up. Not only do babies not enjoy being woken up and will make a scene at every occasion, but it also is a good opportunity for a parent to get some rest. Thus, it is no wonder that the portable car seats became so popular.

Not only do they provide a level of safety for a child, but also make you able to transport your baby without a need to wake him/her up. But there is a number of things mothers should be aware of when dealing with such portable seats. This article will outline the health risks associated with them and teach you how to avoid them.


Health Risks

There is a quite widespread myth that has been going around for decades. According to it, after giving birth, women’s bodies jump right back to pre-childbirth conditions.

This is a ridiculous claim and should be disputed every time it comes up. No reasonable adult should expect, that a body would recover so fast, after undergoing the most strenuous process in the lifetime. Furthermore, the amount of external and internal changes that women’s body undergoes during 9 months is staggering. So, it stands to reason that after the childbirth it takes quite some time for the body to go back into peak condition. Some of those processes, in fact, leave the body changed forever. So, women should be extremely careful with everything that has to do with physical work. This goes straight back to the topic in question. Carrying your child around in a portable car seat is definitely one of the things that will cause more strain to your body.

It may be designed with the comfort and safety of a child in mind, but it is certainly not very practictal for mothers to carry around. The way it has to be carried around is definitely not comfortable for women. Especially ones who suffer from any type of prolapse. This is the condition that every third woman suffers after giving childbirth and can seriously affect their health.



Throughout their life, more than 30 percent of women will suffer from pelvic prolapse. It’s an incredibly widespread condition. The title refers to a “pelvic floor” compromise a number of muscles responsible for keeping everything in place. Specifically, their function is to keep pelvic organs affixed to their places and prevent them from moving. When women undergo childbirth this set of muscles becomes loose, causing a variety of issues and health risks. The organs which are affected by this pelvic prolapse are vagina, bladder, rectum, small bowel and obviously the uterus. The most adverse effects associated with this condition are urinary and anal incontinence.

There are several factors that can lead to developing pelvic collapse. They include obesity, constipation and cancer. But by far the most frequent cause of them is pregnancy and childbirth. This is why it is of utmost importance, for women to refrain themselves from straining their muscles even further by carrying around a portable car seat.

The symptoms of pelvic collapse are pretty distinct. They include a feeling of pressure in that area, backaches, urinary problems (involuntary urination), constipation, bleeding from the vagina and general pain in that area. Women undergo rigid health surveillance, during and after childbirth. But if something happens and you are not diagnosed with it, but still suffer from one or more of the abovementioned issues, it is essential to talk to a doctor about it.


What to do to prevent health issues

Understanding how pelvic prolapse works and in what condition is women’s body after birth is essential to prevent any further health risks. In addition to carrying a heavyweight, the design of the portable car sit requires a body to carry weight in a very unpractical way.

Moreover it is discomforting even for healthy individuals and is a risk factor with anyone whose muscles still need getting in shape. Women should avoid such strain at all times, either by asking their parent or a friend to carry it instead of them. It is understandable that this is not always an option and causes a need for detailed planning for every trip you make with a child. But this is much better than the alternative, risking the health of the mother.



Becoming a mother is always a hard task. You undergo change both mentally and physically. Parents are able to do wondrous feats for the comfort and safety of their child. However their health also should be taken into consideration. This is especially true for mothers. They may think that they are able to perform all tasks for their child, but this can cause putting their health in danger. It is much better planning all your steps beforehand. Even though it may take much more time, in the end the child will benefit far more if it has a healthy mother.



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