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Chair exercises to help your lose belly fat

by dirkidirkkk
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Having a daily workout routine is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Unfortunately most of us don’t have time and energy to hit the gym daily.

There are however a set of exercises that don’t require much of your time or a specialized equipment.

In this article we will present you the set of exercises that only require a chair to perform.


1. Bending

Bending is one of the most simple, yet effective exercise. Not only will it help you reduce your belly fat, but also get your hips in shape. Here is how to perform the exercise correctly. Sit on the chair, with your feet touching the floor completely. Your arms should be at straightened, perfectly aligned with your shoulders. In the initial position you sit perfectly still, with your back straightened and looking forward.

Once the exercise starts you must turn your body to the right and bend, so that your right hand should be able to touch your left foot (you can start with left hand and touch the right foot, it does not matter). Once the contact between your hand and foot is made, stay in that position as long as you feel comfortable.

Once you return to your original position, take a deep breath in and out and then perform same action, but alternate your arm and foot. You should be able to do repeat this action for around twenty times. With each bending motion alternate your foot and arm.

2. Knees to chest exercise

This exercise is also pretty simple and straightforward and is a good one for complete beginners, who are looking to avoid any kind of straining. Lifting knees to your chest not only will help with your belly fat, but make your abdominal muscles stronger and may even regulate your digestion.

As with most of this exercise you begin by sitting in your chair. Sit up as straight as you can, but this time make sure that you are not touching the back of the chair. Your floors should be touching the floor fully and should be separated from each other by hip width distance. Remember, that throughout this exercise your back must remain straight and must no contact the back of the chair.

Take a deep breath in and suck in your belly, while simultaneously lifting one of your knees and pulling it towards your chest. Make sure you pull it as close as you can, but don’t make yourself too uncomfortable at first go. To make this exercise a bit easier, you might want to keep your hand on the shin. Once you release your let, do the same thing with the other one. In total you should do this for 20-25 times, alternating your legs each time. This should not take longer than 5-6 minutes.

[Bonus] Both knees to chest

Not let’s get into something a bit more complex. Let’s engage both of your of your legs at the same time, while also using some of your upper body strength. This is not hard exercise per se, but performing previous two as a warm up would be a good idea. This exercise is a great way to tone your waistline.

This will be achieved by burning through the fat deposits on both sided of your belly. Start with sitting in chair. Straighten up your back. This time make sure that you have a firm grip on chair arms. When you start the exercise direct your body to either left or right side, in such manner that you will only be sitting on one buttock.

This won’t be comfortable, but holding chair arms firmly should make it manageable. Once you achieve this position, move both of your knees to the chest. Once you perform this action, put your legs down, breath in and our and direct your body to the opposite direction. Alternate this directions for each exercise and repeat the process for 20 to 25 times.

3. Body lift

Now you should be able to tackle something even harder. For this exercise you must ensure that you have a sturdy chair with reliable arms. The chair also must be stable, so rolling one will not do the job. Take this advice seriously, otherwise you might end up damaging yourself.  Body lift exercise will not only engage you belly, but will make use of back and shoulder muscles. Be sure that you are warmed up for this exercise.

While sitting in the chair grip the arms as firmly as you can. Take a deep breath in and raise your body above the chair, so that your lower body is hanging in the air. Engage your core strength to lift both of your knees to the chest, as in previous exercise. Once you knees are touching your chest, try to stay in that position as long as you can. Preferably this time should not be less then 15 second.

Once you have achieved them, slowly lower your body into the chair. This is high intensity exercise, so beginners are not recommended to repeat it more than 4 times.


Chair exercise is something that everyone has access to. Choose the exercises that work best for you. Try to perform each of them at least five minutes. The total amount of time for this exercise routine should not exceed thirty minutes. All of them will be focused on reducing your belly fat and getting you started on your way to getting some defined abs. Even though it might take some time to achieve that result, you will start seeing effects in just few weeks.

Most importantly you will feel more empowered and will get new energy to keep going about your busy day. This exercises can be performed both from the comfort of your home and at your office during your lunch, or whenever you get free time. The most important thing is sticking to them and making them inseparable part of your daily life.

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